SDR Radio - A Software Defined Radio application for Mac OS X

SDR Radio


SDR Radio requires a Mac running Mac OS X 10.10 or newer. Supported SDR frontends are quadrature sampling mixers which provide an IQ (inphase/quadrature) signal. This can be a very simple hardware like i.e. the SoftRock SDR. The IQ signal can be fed into the computer via the internal audio device input or via USB or Firewire if the SDR frontend has an own integrated audio interface. Frequency tuning is supported for FA-SY 1 compatible (Si570 oscillator with microcontroller running the DG8SAQ compatible firmware), FA-SDR, FUNcube dongle, FiFi SDR and Lima SDR. If you have i.e. the FA-SDR or Lima SDR Tx module, then you can also transmit. You have to set up an additional Tx configuration and connect the audio output to your SDR frontend. SDR Radio supports semi-bk in CW mode for the FA-SDR-Transceiver (Kit BX-200), which is available at www.box73.de.


Please have a look at the installation instructions links below. Further settings (i.e. vendor, product, frequency division, i2c add, waterfall intervall, ...) can be changed in the preferences plist file (de.fmsoftware.sdrradio.plist). Once you have launched the application for the first time, you will find the default values in this file. Sorry, there is no UI for those yet.
Connect the output of your SDR hardware to the audio input of your computer. If you have a SDR hardware which supports Tx, then also connect the input of your SDR hardware to the audio output of your computer. If you do not have a remote switch to toggle between speaker (or headphone) and SDR input, then you have to connect an external multiple i/o audio hardware. Don't forget, that all used devices must work at the same sample rate!!! "Build-In Audio" seems not to be the best option. Use a high quality Audio-Interface for best performance if possible. Some Audio-Interfaces may not be applicable - especially for transmitting.
If you want to start SDR Radio for the first time, you have to set up your system accordingly. If you have a Rx only hardware (i.e. SoftRock Lite), the build in audio device is ok. Otherwise you have to connect an additional multiple i/o audio hardware. Then Launch Audio MIDI Setup (Utilities folder) and set all desired devices to the same sample rate (i.e. 96kHz). Then you have to set up an "Aggregate Device" in Audio MIDI Setup, that bundles all used audio devices into one aggregated device. I have an aggregate device on my MacBook Pro, which bundles Audio Input, Microphone and Line Out into one 4 channel in and 2 channel out device. Then launch SDR Radio and open the Audio devices window and set up the audio devices you want to use. Then open the Configurations window and create two configurations (Rx and Tx). One Rx configuration and one Tx configuration. If everything is fine you should hear something from your speakers. Open the GUI window (if not already open) and tune the frequency by "scrubbing" the digits in the frequency display or by dragging in the spectrum display. SDR Radio provides different tuning modes while dragging the spectrum if you press "shift" or one of the following modifier keys: "control", "option" and "command". Don't forget that you are using a BETA version, which is still work in progress. You are using the software at your own risk!

If you have a FUNcube dongle you can use Qthid to upgrade the FCD firmware. SDR Radio does support the new FCD Pro+ yet. Please follow the instructions from the PDF.

You can make a donation by using the PayPal Donate button. The donation will go into material for teaching HAM Radio at school.


Download SDR Radio 1.0.0b application by Frederik Mrozek, Jul 11, 2017

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Dream - Digital Radio Mondiale for Mac OS X



Dream version 1.11 requires Intel based Mac running Mac OS 10.5 or newer.


Visit http://sourceforge.net/projects/drm for more information, sources and legal informations. If you launch Dream from the Terminal with the option -c 3, then Dream expects IQ input instead of an IF signal.


Download Dream 1.11 application (i386)

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